Aarstiderne has created an outstanding online video universe of creative recipes combined with current stories about Aarstiderne's many projects - serving as a content marketing machine for their E-commerce offerings.

With very little, you can gain a lot. Aarstiderne has learned that it doesn't necessarily take expensive productions to make video appealing − more often it is the other way around: "Content is more important than the format", says Mette Andersen, Marketing team leader at Aarstiderne.

Aarstiderne has built a separate video website called Madbio. Here, their visitors can find instructional videos on how to make delicious dishes, get to know different kinds of vegetables and come closer to the farmers and chefs working at Aarstiderne. The video universe has expanded the brand and reach of Aarstiderne beyond their initial customer base − making them one of the most recognizable brands in Denmark.

To get here Aarstiderne needed a reliable and highly customizable solution. They became one of the first customers of 23 Video and have been part of shaping how it looks and works today. The built-in CMS (content management system) and API has enabled Aarstiderne to heavily customize their video website and video player design.

Madbio is also a Social Video Community. What does that mean? They are heavily utilizing the ability for their viewers to comment, embed and share videos across the variety of Social Distribution channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email and Open Upload.

Aarstiderne also gets valuable information on user activity through the 23 Video Analytics. They consistently track performance of all their content so their editors know which videos are being watched and embedded elsewhere on the web.

Søren and his team at Aarstiderne have re-invented how a modern organization can utilize video content marketing to expand their brand, reach and create a community of truly passionate ambassadors.

Aarstiderne is the company behind Madbio Video Website. The company grows organic vegetables and supplies more than 40.000 Danish families and 5.000 families in Sweden with the best seasonal organic ingredients.