Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk successfully uses video for internal and external communication to highlight and share significant corporate messages, events and stories. Setting new standards in transparency and authenticity is second nature to them.

employees around the world
videos upload and used by employees internally
minutes of engagement, both top-down and bottom-up

Novo Nordisk's video journey spans long into the previous century. The corporation started using video to convey their corporate story and values back in the 1930's. Half a century later, the strategy has proven to be very successful. With their open and shared values, the company is consistently considered one of the best organizations to work for. Today they employ professional video journalists that produce both their external and internal video content.

At Novo Nordisk their Sharepoint intranet plays a prominent role in the communication strategy. And a significant part of it is their internal youtube-style video website; wittingly named Novotube. Their massive and engaged employee base enabled Torben and his team in the communications department to build a vibrant video community. And with the use of 23 Videos Open Upload feature, employees are able to produce and upload most of the video content themselves.

23 Video is built with corporations as Novo Nordisk in mind. With Sharepoint integration and Single Sign-on functionality it's become easy for Novo Nordisk to integrate a video website into their existing intranet and platform. And with the option to design unique solutions they are able to run a fully branded version of a video player and a heavily customized public video website.

In the age of the Internet and complete transparency, modern corporate communications need to adapt to new rules. Novo Nordisk has proven a pioneer − They have dared to fully involve employees, and enabled them to share and convey authentic messages. In this way they have reinvented traditional practices into modern corporate communication.

Novo Nordisk is a Danish pharmaceutical company, and a world leader in insulin and diabetes care. With affiliates in 74 countries the company employs 32.000 people worldwide.
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