The Royal Danish Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre

The Royal Danish Theatre produces around 60 video trailers per year. They are a strong tool to capture the essence of a production − and to attract and showcase what the theatre do on stage to a much larger audience than ever possible before.

The Royal Danish Theatre has been producing high quality show trailers for about 3 years. They put much attention to the quality of the video content and hire external video producers to develop each trailer. And the results so far has been outstanding:

"Video is the ultimate way to get more people through the door. You can actually show what is going on onstage, or wherever it takes place. The viewer can get a feel of what is going on, which you just can't get from print or a static web page," explains Peter B. Schaufuss, Head of Digital Media.

Experiencing the unique qualities of video to capture and communicate the essence of a show and engage the audience; Peter and his team have embraced video and given it a prominent role on the top of the front page. And The Royal Danish Theatre usea 23 Video as a big part of the day-to-day marketing work; to host each and every video produced and also as a tool to manage the workflow:

"In collaboration with our PR team the video production company produces the trailers and then upload them directly to the 23 Video CMS − the only thing for me to do, is to enter the meta data and hit the Publish button" says Peter, who is solely responsible for managing their whole collection of videos.

With attention to relevance and to give audience the best overview, video sections divide each video into logical pieces, and overlays in videos are used to link up content with upcoming performances, shows and additional information.

And it's not only show trailers that is distributed through the use of online video. The Royal Danish Theatre has also been able to show never before seen behind-the-scenes footage and documentations of their open-air opera. In this way Peter and the rest of The Royal Danish Theatre team not only succeed in creating engaging and relevant content for their audience, they also challenge the norm and set new standards for visual communication in a centuries-old theatre business.

The Royal Danish Theatre is Denmark's national stage. Their aim is to move, enrich and make transitions happen through performing arts on an international level. They performances include operas, ballet shows, dramas and concerts.
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