Unisport pushes the boundaries of video in e-commerce with video positioned at the core of their content marketing activities. The sports gear retailer has built a passionate and involved community around their web-TV.

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Building an inbound marketing machine is not a trivial task. But host Jakob and his team at Unisport − a Danish e-commerce football gear shop − have done a remarkable job. So remarkable even that they won the price for best e-commerce site in Denmark in 2013. Steadily they have built a highly engaged audience around their video website called Unisport WebTV.

The best thing about it? They do everything themselves; planning, shooting, editing and management content in 23 Video. Their video content consists of product reviews, interviews, live video chats, footballer profiles and much more. Their community actively participates in the company's video universe - viewers can vote, comment and subscribe to new content. Moreover, Jakob has become an icon within the community and patiently built up a substantial audience that participates in the live video chat sessions and even upload their own video clips. Unisport leverages the 23 Video product to the extremes − they religiously track everything and use the analytics to make informed decisions.

Unisport tags each video with the relevant products so people can seamlessly convert from watchers to buyers. Another important element is the design integration of 23 Video into their website experience, which makes the whole underlying technology transparent to their visitors. Who would have thought a normal e-commerce shop could reinvent their marketing strategy and build a whole new video content marketing universe? Jakob and his team made it by grabbing a camera and starting to produce engaging and authentic content from their office.

Unisport is an online retailer that sells football related products. Opening in 1995 with just a single small shop, the company today employs 25 dedicated people, and in 2011 Unisport received the Danish Best User Award for their video content.