Features in 23 Video

Brand and customize your video website
23 Video makes it simple

Creating a professional video website doesn't need to be hard. Choose a theme, upload your logo, polish-up your branded player and you're ready! Beyond this, 23 Video lets you tweak every design detail of both your site and your player with HTML5, CSS3 and Liquid templating

Share your content
We've made social distribution easy

Our social distribution features make it easy to share your videos with your existing Facebook fan base, drive conversation around videos via comments or enable people to subscribe to your content. Advanced SEO mechanisms are in place to boost the search engine ranking of your videos.

Knowledge lets you optimize your content
Analytics gives you the data you need

23 Video's Analytics will tell you everything you need to know to get more out of your video content and optimize your video strategy; when are people watching, how much is being watched, how are your videos shared and embedded across the web, and what are the daily playback patterns? We focus on actionable metrics to help you tell better stories.

Save time on day-to-day video management
We've built a CMS with you in mind

The boring things we do on a daily basis: Upload and encode videos, add titles and descriptions, manage subtitles, set up sections of videos, embed videos and share links. 23 Video is designed to optimize this workflow and save you time − and frustrations − every day.

Security is built-in
Build sites for the intranet or behind a paywall

Video is an effective tool for internal communication, for example for use in training, meeting documentation, management briefings and everything in between. This is why 23 Video makes it easy to create intranet video websites − using IP filters, shared passwords or full single sign-on integration with your intranet or your Active Directory.

We also make it easy to lock down content behind a paywall or limit access with regional geo-blocking.

Meet your audience where they are
We make sure your videos play everywhere

Online video consumption is developing, which means your platform should develop with the patterns of your audience. With 23 Video your videos is playable everywhere, across all browsers and devices − and automatically delivered in the highest quality possible.

100% Custom

Standard theme & player designs

We have 6 standard themes and prepacked player designs ready for you to start immediately. You can simply add your own logos and colors and get going.

Player framework

Our player framework make it easy for web programmers to redesign video players and even to build new features. It works with both Flash and HTML5.

Liquid templating

We support Liquid templating so you can build unique and amazing video website with just a little bit of basic programming knowledge.


Our simple API is built by web people for web people. This makes it extremely easy to reuse the data on your video website - and even to extend features.

Import design elements

Integrate the design of your video website with your existing website. Simply identify and import the HTML blocks and CSS stylesheets into 23 Video.

Multiple players

Your videos can have many different contexts: public, internal, testing… Multiple player design makes it easy to adapt to these contexts.

HTML5 video players

Never again touch the Flash code. Now, you can build a truly custom 23 Video player by simply utilizing your HTML, CSS and Javascript skills.

Video channels

Organize your video collection into channels. It helps navigate your visitors around the site and explain your hierarchy to search engines.

Disqus integration

Take your commenting system to the next level - we have built an integration with Disqus so you can bring your existing community along the videos.

Facebook integration

The king of all social networks is well represented in our video website design: integrated blocks for comments, facepile, like box and buttons.

Twitter integration

Add different kinds of Twitter blocks and widgets in your video website design - your company Twitter feed, list feed, search block, etc.

Google+ integration

Google+ has turned out to be really useful in driving meaningful conversations around different topics. Add a +1 button to your video website.

PHP library

We've prepared a simple PHP script example to help you get started. Examples include OAuth-based authentication and sample API methods invocations.

jQuery library

We have built a client-side library for you to easily access read-only parts of the 23 Video API. Access videos, channels, comments and much more.

.NET library

Our .NET implementation of 23 API enables you to build heavily customized video websites. It consists of service layer interfaces and domain layer objects.

Node.js framework

Our Node.js framework is a full implementation of the 23 API. It features OAuth authentication and implementations of all the API methods.


We use OAuth to secure our API. It’s an open protocol, which is also used by Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Ratings block

Enable your community of viewers to easily rate your videos. It helps building the engagement and enables you to tweak your videos accordingly.

Search block

Search helps you and your visitors navigate and find things in your video collection. Easily enabled with a few click in our layout builder.

Tag block

You can append tags to your videos. A tag block or cloud can then help your visitors quickly navigate through the topics of your videos.

Maps block

Are your videos shot on different locations around the world? The maps block is here to effectively represent your videos on the map.

Custom content pages

Add static pages and link to them on your video website. These pages can tell visitors about the site, list terms of use for your content, etc.

Custom variables

In some cases you want to store specific meta data with your content other than just a title, a description and tags. Custom variables let you add in this extra logic.

Custom thumbnail sizes

Change your video thumbnail sizes depending on your video website design needs. This makes it really easy to fit your videos into any kind of grid.

Backup and restore design

Quite often you want to test different designs of your video website. With 23 Video you can easily make backups of your old design and restore it when you wish.

Custom Actions

Create custom overlays on your videos from fun and creative uses to strategic integrations using data-driven funnels to offer tailored experiences. Read more about Actions here.


Custom domain

It takes just a few minutes to have 23 Video running on your own domain (e.g. video.mycompany.com). This makes 23 Video completely "invisible" to your users.

Firewall restrictions

Want to restrict usage of your video website to only users coming in from certain IP addresses? Easy firewall set up is built right in 23 Video.

Single sign-on

Enable users of your restricted video website to sign-in with existing user accounts. Examples include your intranet or payment gateway.

Integration with CMS

We play nicely with a number of existing CMS systems: Sharepoint, Umbraco and Sitecore. For the others, we have our simple API that makes it easily integratable everywhere.


Anyone can browse the site and its content − but video can only be played from specific geographic regions.

Shared passcode access

Share passcode makes perfect sense for community or event based video websites where users type in a shared password to access the video content.

User management

Every video website comes with 2 levels of admin rights: users and admins. We also make it simple for you to grant special open upload links to external people.


Playthrough & fall-off

Are users dropping off immediately after starting your clips, or are they engaged all the way through? Also, find out where exactly in videos your viewers are dropping off.

Analytics search

You are able to immediately dig deep into specific analytics metrics: search by different video archetypes, embed sources, channels, tags and more.

Engagement minutes

Engagement tracks the actual time your audience has spent watching and engaging with your video content. It helps you identify the factors for the growth or decline.

Embed sources

Spreading video through embeds is a major part of an online video strategy. You can track embeds down to individual embed sources and measure their performance.

Fullscreen plays

Are people watching your videos in fullscreen or are they just playing them normally? This kind of stats can tell you if it's worth having the fullscreen option at all.

Interaction with pre- and postrolls

Track your pre- and post-rolls performance. The click-through performance tracks if viewers are actually clicking on your calls-to-action.

Load to play

Track the percentage of people that not only load the player, but actually play your content. This gives you insights into where and how to position your players.

Track sharing & embedding

User actions taken within your video player are important to identify the best performing and the most suitable distribution channels and videos.


Traffic measures the bandwidth used by your video website both per day and over time. The number includes all the videos served in the period.

Usage by time of day

Optimizing your publishing flow to match how and when your visitors consume videos can be an easy way to boost engagement. Easily find the best performing time of day.

Content Editor


Have an international audience for your videos? Our customers are proving how useful it is to have subtitles baked right into our product.

Sections (chapters)

Longer videos are sometimes boring to watch and skim through. That's why we have built sections - enabling you to mark important parts of your videos.

Access to originals

23 Video also serves you as your organisation's video repository. Securely store all videos and download them in the original quality when you need them.

Replace videos without changing URL

Sometimes you upload and publish videos and then decide to make some changes to them. We make it easy for you to re-upload the video and keep everything else the same.

AdSense integration

Expect to have a high-traffic video website? We make sure you have the possibility to easily integrate your AdSense account and roll ads on your videos.

Doubleclick integration

Are you a DoubleClick ad platform publisher? You are on the safe side with 23 Video - Doubleclick integration is ready for you to start serving ads on your videos.

VAST 2.0 integration

Vast 2.0 protocol integration makes it really easy for us to serve different kinds of ads and simply integrate your favorite ad partner.

Video Call to Actions

Create call to action overlays on your videos with simple text annotations, links, images, products an even with other videos or custom HTML. Read more about Actions.

Video Ads

Include video ads from any advertising server that supports VAST 2.0. Select the ad position on your video, paste the VAST URL in, and you're ready to go.

Banner Ads

Add banner overlays to your video at any time. Just paste in your VAST URL to activate this action.


Make as many clips out of a video as you want without using third party software. Shoot, upload, cut, trim, multiply and share right in 23 Video. Read more about Clips here.

Other Goodies

100% Human

Behind 23 Video there is a team of committed happy people from Denmark. Every 23 customer has a dedicated video advisor, who helps them manage their video universe.

Intuitive admin interface

We are web people by nature and like to make simple products. We have managed to package a powerful product into a slick and user-friendly interface.

Instant search

We have built a simple, but extremely powerful search into our back-end. It helps you navigate through features and collection of your videos with ease.

Simple price

We don't like traditional SaaS pricing. Actually, we decided to take a totally different approach - no hidden charges, no upgrade fees.


With 23, you know what you get and know exactly what you pay for. We don't try to up sell you more users or videos. Unlimited users and unlimited number of hosted videos.

99.9% uptime

Your business and brand rely on us to be constantly accessible & fast. Our uptime metric and more than 300 constantly running video websites speak for themselves.

Plays Everywhere

Dedicated mobile site

Neatly styled mobile site makes it really easy for you to enable your visitors to see a simple representation of your video website also on their mobile device.

HTML5 playback

No worries about your videos being playable everywhere. We have an HTML5 video player fallback, which enables us to display your videos in every browser.

Global delivery platform

High-quality video must be served close to the end-user. Content from 23 Video goes through our global distribution network spanning multiple locations across three continents.

Mobile links and detection

23 Video enables you to generate links specifically for mobiles. These will automatically serve the best quality video to the client in a codec understood by the device.

Full HD (1080p) support

Highest quality by default is really important to us. Upload and stream your Full HD videos, that look sharp and stunning on big and small screens.

Cloud Delivery Network (CDN)

Content from 23 Video goes through the cloud distribution network spanning more than 30 locations across five continents. Read more about our delivery network.

Social Distribution

Twitter & Facebook

Never again worry about posting all new videos to Twitter and Facebook. We make this process extremely easy and take this tedious task from your shoulders.


Your video website comes prepackaged with our own commenting system. You can easily replace it with Facebook or Disqus comments for even better distribution.

Facebook video tab

Distribute your videos automatically on your Facebook Page. Enable and customize a 23 Video tab that embeds your video website directly into Facebook.

SEO optimized

Google prefers video content to any other content. Advanced video SEO with video sitemaps and Schema.org objects take care of it.

E-mail subscriptions

Your visitors are able to subscribe to your video content via E-mail. E-mail is a really powerful marketing channel - make it prominent and reach customers directly.


Embed code makes it easy for others to include your videos on their pages. Embedding and sharing lie in the core of the open web and are great for your distribution.

Multiple players & embed codes

23 Video lets you have multiple players, in different design and sizes. This is handy when you want to reuse your content on different web pages.


Do you already have your branded YouTube channel? With just a click, your 23 Videos can automatically be distributed through this popular video distribution network.


Want your collection of videos searchable and fully accessible through iTunes and AppleTV? Enable the podcasts feature and automatically distribute your videos.


AppleTV and its AirPlay are becoming more and more prevalent. Make it seamless for visitors to stream your videos from their Macs and iOS devices to TVs.


Instantly make your own video channel on one of the most popular new age TV devices - Boxee Box. From now on your videos are available to the new generation of TV watchers.

Custom player on Facebook

Embedding and posting your videos to Facebook? Great - 23 Video includes your custom player there which means that when people click-through they land on your own website.

iOS push notifications

Does your organization have an iOS app? With 23 Video you can automatically send iOS push notifications whenever you publish a new video.


Video is hard for search engines to index. That’s why 23 Video uses Microformats to describe the video content and helps your viewers to find you more easily.


OpenGraph allows site owners to optimize their content for Facebook sharing. We fully support OpenGraph and make sure your videos play directly on Facebook.


Beyond just submitting your video sitemap, we also create Schema.org objects representing your videos, which further helps with your Google rankings.

Video sitemaps

SEO is a seriously important element for your distribution. Google can't understand your videos, so we make sure to submit video sitemaps on your behalf.