The Lift Release

The Lift Release


Lifting 23 Video
to new heights

With The Lift Release we're bringing a broad lift to 23 Video as a product.
The release is dedicated to our customer, The Lift Conference,
as they are launching their brand-new videosite with all these new features.

As always, all features come to all of our customers at no extra charge,
and everything in The Lift Release is immediately available. Try it out for yourself.


With Sections you can split your videos into smaller sections or parts. This gives your viewers a whole new way to browse your content based on what they find most interesting in the clip.

This doesn't just lift up the user experience and visitor retention − it also increases your videosite’s Search Engine Optimization and will lift your page ranking. Do you see what we did there?

The Lift Conference videosite is a great example of how sections can be put to use.

Mercedes has also been using our sections to tell the story of their 125-year history in interactive video interviews where visitors can browse between themes and interviews.

At a glance...
  • Split longer clips into smaller sections
  • Link directly to any part of a video
  • Control and use different thumbnails with each section
  • Increase searchability and SEO

Full HD

Presenting video in the highest quality is something that we're fanatical about here at 23, so now we've made your videos even crisper by offering Full HD resolution in 1080p.

New videos will automatically be prepared in Full HD if the original quality allows for it. This means that your videos won't just look perfect in full screen on the computer − they will be just as gorgeous on your big TV.

At a glance...
  • Full HD up to 1080p
  • Prepared automatically on upload
  • Great quality on the big screen

HTML5, AirPlay and other goodies

Apple is releasing new software for their mobile devices this week including AirPlay, which allows video streaming to Apple TV from iPads and iPhones. 23 Video now comes with build-in support for AirPlay so your visitors can immediately watch your videos on the big screen.

To go with this feature, we now suggest you use our new <iframe> embeds when sharing video on the web. This method isn't just simpler and more secure − it also includes immediate support for HTML5 video so your embedded videos will work perfectly on devices without Flash.

Never forgetting the user side of the platform, we have included a number of small improvements for the editors running your videosite. For example, you can now use secret links to show clients or colleagues what you've recently created or uploaded in draft form. This will allow them to review videos before they go live.

The video player has been subjected to a loving overhaul. The player should never be the reason viewers stop watching your videos, so to help them out 23 Video supoorts a sliding timeline. To boost usability, the player can also be controlled using the keyboard.

At a glance...
  • AirPlay support for iPad/iPhone/Apple TV
  • Simple and secure <iframe> embed for HTML5 video
  • New Cinema design theme
  • Secret links to unpublished videos
  • Sliding timeline in player
  • Control the video player with the keyboard

No, we didn't forget the videosite builders

23 Video is built as an extensible platform, so we didn't forget the developer community. We have added a new design theme using a black and blue coloring, Cinema, to our collection, and videosite builders can now control the exact size and scaling of the thumbnails making up their designs.

On the API side, we have obviously included new methods for sections but the API now also allows for full control over thumbnails. You can keep your video data in sync using API pingbacks, and if you are building an access-restricted site you can now control not only who has access to your videos − but also which exact part of the video is available and for how long!

This list might be overwhelming, so we have tried to make life easier for developers by releasing and number of libraries, plugins and examples: 23 Video now comes with a full .NET library along with five different web parts for SharePoint supporting embeds and restricted access controlled through SharePoint. For Drupal, we are also releasing a plugin for embedding through Embedded Media Field.

We will be going into more detail about pingbacks, libraries, plugins and time-limited tokens over the next days and weeks on the developer blog, so be sure to follow the feed or the Twitter.

At a glance...
  • Control thumbnail sizes exactly
  • New API methods for sections and thumbnails
  • Keep data in sync using API pingbacks
  • Time-limited access to videos
  • Grant access to only one part of any video
  • Full .NET library for 23 Video
  • Plugins for Drupal and SharePoint

What is 23 Video?

23 Video enable you to build full-featured and stunning videosites on your own domain, in your own design − and with your own relationship to your users.

The product is simply $675 a month including all your videos, and all feature upgrades (such as The Lift Release) are included in the price.

We're 100% Human

23 Video is just a tool. It takes humans to make the most of it. We are here to help, if you need help getting started with 23 Video − or if you have any questions about how the new features on The Lift Release work.

Call us on +45 2532 7058, e-mail to or ping us on Twitter.