Open Source contributions

Open Source contributions

Our web services lean on wonderful open source projects. The open source movement has made the web as we know it possible. That's is why it's important to us to contribute back and release our own projects into the open whenever possible.


A JavaScript library for providing multiple simultaneous, stable, fault-tolerant and resumable uploads via the HTML5 File API. Integrated with our API and used within 23 Video and Visualblog.

#JavaScript #HTML5


Glue is the built to make interactive web applications using Liquid and JavaScript. Glue itself is a deliberately simple application and middleware framework built on top of Liquid.js and jQuery.

#JavaScript #jQuery #Liquid


Eingebaut is a JavaScript library, built to enable simple cross-browser video playback. Behind the scenes, the library will use either HTML5 <video> or Adobe Flash to display the video and its poster/thumbnail.

#JavaScript #Flash #HTML5

H264 Streaming Module for AOLserver

The streaming module for AOLserver is a 23-sponsored project from CodeShop allowing for HTTP pseudo-streaming of MP4 files from AOLserver.



Visualplatform.js is a client-side JavaScript library for the read-only parts of the The 23 Video API, designed to work across domains.

#23 Video #JavaScript #jQuery

Liquid.js (contributed fork)

JavaScript port of Tobias Luetke's Liquid templating engine for client side rendering in JavaScript.



A Drupal emfield module for 23 Video, allowing easy installation and easy use. This module will create fields for content types which can be used to display video through the 23 API.

#23 Video #Drupal


The official Node.js implementation of the 23 API has been written to allow you to easily deploy applications, that communicate with 23 Video and Visualplatform. Also includes a command-line interface for 23 Video.

#23 Video #node.js #JavaScript

restler (contributed fork)

Restler is an excellent REST client library for node.js by Dan Webb. In this fork, we have built in seemless support for OAuth 1.0a in REST calls. The fork is used internally to have node.js talk to our APIs.


node-soap (contributed fork)

node-soap is a SOAP client and server for node.js by milewise. This fork switches from using node-expat over to node-xml2js. We use this to have our node.js instances communicate to 3rd-party SOAP services.


Open Liquid

Open Liquid is a C++ implementation of the Liquid templating engine with bindings for Tcl. It allows for rendering of safe templates and is used to build the front-end in 23 Video and Visualblog.

#Tcl #C++


VideoPlayer is the source code we use for all video player on 23 Video. It is built 100% on top of our own API in Adobe Flex. Using this project, You can fork the player code and design your own player design for 23 Video.

#23 Video #Flash


The official .NET implementation of the 23 API has been written to allow you to easily deploy applications, that communicate with 23 Video and Visualplatform.

#23 Video #.NET


A set of Web Parts for implementing 23 Video into an internal SharePoint based site. The code includes a number of plug-in for different purposes, covering both single sign-on in Sharepoint and displaying video thumbnails.

#23 Video #.NET


The official PHP implementation of the 23 API. Basically, this is a simple PHP library for communicating with and extendingyour 23 Video site.

#23 Video #PHP