Go live from anywhere

Stream from any device: from a webcam or an iPhone to a full video studio. We deliver the best quality on every screen with adaptive streaming and to every country with our global CDN. Going Live has never been easier.

Event page

Create the perfect event page

The event page can be configured for any purpose using tools such as schedule, registration, reminders, slides or maps. Customize entirely using the design tools in 23 Video.

Posts and Moments

Post everything about your event

Post everything happening to your event page. Images, videos, files, links, quotes and social media responses. Post the teaser, the report you’re talking about, links to product information, images from the live stream, and the updates from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Capture the highlights of your event with Moments. Share images and captions from the live stream to social media with a single click.


Build an audience

23 Video comes with all the tools to promote your event: Take over your website with banners and use our built-in social media and e-mail marketing tools for invitations, reminders and follow-up. The event page is easily shared to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.


Instant clips of your event

We've removed the pain of editing with third party tools. Edit your live recordings in the browser, and in minutes turn your event into many clips, perfect for sharing.

No more waiting for days for your on-demand video to become available to your viewers.


Track the event performance

Our powerful real-time analytics tracks number of viewers, viewer retention, peak viewers and overall engagement. Empowering you to optimize how you get people to your live event whilst creating stickiness and engagement.

All in a way that compares your results to other marketing efforts. The feedback loop is there for you to become a great live marketer.

Upgrade to 23 Video

Upgrade from free and starter products to the full video suite for communicators and marketers.

Your videos, your team, your workflow

23 Video is designed to fit the workflow of businesses. With many people uploading, editing and publishing.

Your videos back on your site

Add a video section to your website and stop sending your visitors off to social media platforms. Let visitors experience your videos again.

Distribute your videos

One-click distribution of your videos across social platforms to control how your message gets out there.

Design the video experience

With 23 Video you’ll design your video section and your video player to look exactly how you need it to look.

Powerful platform

23 Video has full security controls, player frameworks, layout engines and APIs. When your needs starts growing you’ll find that 23 Video is ready for them.

Track your success with video insights

Track your videos performance and continuously improve your video formats, the craft of thumbnailing and texting and the promotion of your videos.

Every feature. Unlimited videos. Now with Live. Just $699 per month.

A new user interface.
For a new way to go live.

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Every feature. Unlimited videos. Unlimited flexibility. Starting at $499/mo.